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Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Waste Management - your business’s corporate social responsibility

If you run a business, you're responsible for ensuring that your waste is stored, transported, treated, recovered and disposed of safely.

Managing an organisation’s waste requires specific processes and methodology and strict criteria need to be followed to ensure compliance with current legislation and regulations.

See how your company scores against our Waste Compliance Checklist:

  • Do you know what type and how much waste you produce?
  • Is your waste stored and transported appropriately and securely?
  • Is your waste handled by people or businesses that are authorised to do so?
  • Are you handling Hazardous or healthcare waste?
  • Could your building/property/land contain asbestos?
  • Duty of care has no time limit. You are responsible for your waste from the time you produce it until the time you have transferred it to an authorised person. Do you know what happens to your waste?
  • Can your Company evidence and provide an audit trail of your waste management processes?

If there are any of these questions you can't answer, contact DENIS Waste Management; we're here to help.

DENIS Waste Management - Your Template for Sustainability

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Legislative Requirements for Industry

The legislative environment is complex and companies unknowingly breach regulations. Particularly for businesses such as building firms involved in disposal of waste, there are strict protocols for the handling, transfer and disposal of waste, and in particular Hazardous materials such as asbestos.

With our unsurpassed understanding and knowledge of current legislation and regulations, we can provide you with a simple way to navigate these issues. We will give you strategies for you and your staff to safeguard against issues arising. From simple ‘dos and don’ts’ to complex matters, we can deal with the following for you:

  • Waste Licence applications
  • Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP’s)
  • Site Waste Working Plans
  • Site water pollution plans
  • Hazardous and Healthcare waste transfer notes
  • Management of Asbestos
  • Hazardous waste disposal.