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Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management, Recycling & Logistical Solutions for businesses

Compliance, Performance & CSR

Legislative & regulatory compliance - Waste Audits, Site Waste Management & Pollution  Prevention Action Plans


Complete Asbestos remediation advisory service, together with specialist partners

Sustainable Solutions

We live in a world where our precious resources are being stretched to their limits. The Earth’s ‘natural capital’ cannot sustain the demands we place upon it, so it’s our duty to dramatically reduce, reuse and recycle more than we do now, to protect these valuable assets. It’s also a great opportunity – for us at home and in business to use innovative thinking to drive new ways of working.

At DENIS Waste Management we are proud to be leaders within Jersey’s Green initiatives. Our strategies and solutions for businesses and the wider community result in sustainable waste management, recycling and logistical solutions for you, your businesses, and your Island.

<b>Denis Van der Vliet MCIWM</b><br/>Chartered Waste Manager
Denis Van der Vliet MCIWM
Chartered Waste Manager

DENIS Waste Management - Your Template for Sustainability

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